EVOTRAINING Red Bastard Experience 2020


Seven days of natural movement training in outstanding environments nature connection, storytelling, stone balancing, breathing walking, reflecting, communicating, eating, drinking connecting with places and peoplee


“Trees enter into relationship with each other, with animals and with us; they are aware of the environment in which they live; they communicate by sending and receiving messages; they build friendly relationships, they are in solidarity; have sex; they compete and fight between specimens of the same and different species; they have sight, touch, smell and more. They fall asleep in the evening and wake up in the morning. They develop life, conquest and resistance strategies.

They look more like us than we are led to believe. “

(Daniele Zovi, “Wise Trees Ancient Forests”)

When we talk about nature, nothing is really new. But when we stay in nature long enough, we start a process of self discovery, and everything around us becomes new. One full week in the stunning nature and forests of Amiata mountain, the former “Olymp” of Etruscan gents who lived here long before the birth of Christ, will be a rejuvenating bath into the beauty of nature.

During the week we will work on four different aspects of nature connection:

            – natural movement, a way to leave useless habits and get functional, refreshing ones

            – storytelling, keeping in contact with traditions, legends, history and nature wisdom

            – conscious breathing, listening to ourselves and using breath to open mind and body

            – stone balancing, getting back in balance through stones and listening

            Our aim is to let you enter into mind and body principles, into places and experiences which are off the beaten path. This part of Tuscany, the Amiata Mountain, is not found easily by tourists and still has the flavour of a magical, untouched place. Oaks, beechs and chestnuts forms one of the greatest natural reserves in Italy. You can walk for days through the wood and reach different villages always surrounded by greenery.

            Rhythms will be in harmony with nature: we will have seven days to slow down, enjoy the  moment, visiting places, staying in silence, chatting with new friends or relaxing before and after the three intensive days of authentic forest bathing and walking. We will be almost always outdoor and this will be our medicine for the soul. The end of May in Italy is usually quite pleasant, but be prepared for all wheather conditions!

            And of course the accomodation: lodging, food and beverage is what you can expect from the Tuscan cousine and hospitality, and far beyond. Everything is locally produced and cooked in the kitchen with loads of love.

            Are you ready for the Evotraining Red Bastard Experience 2020?




Your teachers/guides have prepaired everything with care, so that you will experience a seamless connection to nature. They have also excellent pedigrees, sound experience and great passion.

Paul Silfverstråle:

Martial Arts Master, european martial arts champion, Naturalist and Evotraining Director. He will take care we get the wisdom of the body - in a natural way.

Mario Malinverno:

Nature specialist, mountain guide, storyteller and entrepreneur. He will guide us through Amiata forests, nature and traditions.

Luigi Zanini:

Martial Arts Master, business manager, chinese breathing methods specialist. He will share how to consciously breath and be here now.

Martina Dell’Osbel:

Stone Balancer, Stilt performer, former archer, freelance journalist and workshop leader. She will teach us how to find outer balance in stones and inner balance inside.


May 19th:

Arrival to Pisa airport around 1 pm and transfer to Arcidosso. Car owners will drive directly to Arcidosso or can pic up passengers. Room accomodation, relax and dinner. During dinner there will be an introduction to people and program briefing.

May 20th:

Breakfast and walk to sacred Monte Labro via a natural park. Mario’s speech on Davide Lazzaretti, lunch outside. Afternoon free for visiting Santa Fiora or relax, dinner and evening animation (chat, stories, meditation) with Mario, Paul and Luigi.

May 21st:

Breakfast and walk to Merigar Tibetan Gompa, visiting the centre and return to Arcidosso. Afternoon visiting Roccalbegna, visiting the special natural reserve of Pescinella with rare and very ancient trees - and buying top quality local cheese, olive oil and wine.

May 22nd - 1st EVOtraining lesson:

Early breakfast and walk to Amiata for the 1st day of Evo Training. Lunchpack for outdoor in the wood. During the approach to the training area Mario will do storytelling. During breaks in the day Luigi will work on breathing. Evening dinner and guided feedback.

May 23rd - 2nd EVOtraining lesson:

early breakfast and walk to Amiata for the 2nd Evo Training day. Lunchpack for outdoor in the wood. Carry water and clothes for all wheater possibilities, paper, pencil, camera and an open heart. Evening dinner and sharing impressions.

May 24th - 3rd EVOtraining lesson & Stone Balancing

Early breakfast and walk to Amiata for the 3rd Evo Training day. Lunchpack for outdoor in the wood. Every day will be in a different location with special panoramas and sights. Be ready for animal encounters. Stone Balancing event (2 hours) with Martina. Evening dinner all together and feedback to Martina.

May 25th

Breakfast and walk to Fonte Capo Vetra. Lunch in Arcidosso and in the afternoon visit to Abbadia San Salvatore, free shopping time and evening dinner and a very special moment. (Luigi)

May 26th

Early breakfast (according to flight timetable), last briefing all together, address exchange and leaving Arcidosso to Pisa airport.


The venue is a little town clinging to a hill since thousand years, which name recalls a fortress on a hill: Arcidosso. In the heart of Arcidosso, in the main via Talassese you will find our venue: Thalassa Bed & Breakfast
The place is finely and tastefully furnished, something which surprises visitors and delights for his warm welcome.


Our place for food, briefing and community is in the same 800 years old building downstairs of Thalassa B&B: it’s the Osteria Bastarda Rossa, a family run tavern that makes everyone feeling at home, but surprises with tha taste of his cusine. The raw material quality (zero km), the care in preparing tasteful, traditional tuscanian dishes – with great originality – and the family ambience makes Bastarda Rossa a special discover for turists all over the world.

Valeria, Federica and Yuri are the magicians behind the curtains. I’m sure you will enjoy as I have for many years now. In time you will discover also the reason of his special name, which is surrounded by a great mistery.


1 – Full week (7 days) complete: with lodging, board (breakfast + lunch, excluded dinner) and complete Evo Training: Euro 500,-
Dinner à la carte: Euro 25,-
Offer for 7 dinners: Euro 150,-
2 – Evo Training Pure (3 days): with lodging, board (breakfast + lunchpack, excluded dinner) and complete Evo Training: Euro 300,-
Dinner à la carte: Euro 25,-
3 – Evo Training One Day (1 day): with lodging, board (breakfast + lunchpack, excluded dinner) and Evo Training: Euro 110,-
Dinner à la carte: Euro 25,-
4 – Early Bird booking: until the 29th of February 2020 you will have a 5 % discount on the chosen formula (dinner excluded).
Dead-line for bookings: April 30th, 2020
– For any options / requests please contact the organizers.
– In case the number of participants exceeds the b&b capacity, guests will be redirected to nearby structures. First come, first staying.
– Travel details: nearest airport to Arcidosso is Pisa (2 hours driving) https://www.pisa-airport.com/en/
Airlines operating Pisa airport are:
Ryanair – https://www.ryanair.com/
Easy Jet – https://www.easyjet.com/
British Airways
You can choose to travel another airport, but pick-up place is Pisa Airport on the 19th may.
Exact pickup time will be published at the same time as the rest of the finalization of schedule and prices.
To reach the free car parking for Thalassa Locanda: https://www.thalassabeb.com/come-raggiungerci/